Monday, February 1, 2010

"Flavor & Savor the Season" Cooking Event-Feb 21st


Join me, Lisa Persico, in the kitchen at one of my fabulous clients' AMAZING kitchen for an afternoon of fun & food.

I will show you HOW to whip up tasty dishes, desserts, dips, dressings that will rock your world of goodness and wellness.

Good news... I am not a chef of any kind, so these are not some "fancy smancy" complex recipes etc... that you would never really do in your daily life.

What I am about is "real" life ideas, tricks and tips of what you really can DO at home that is not time consuming, does not make a super mess and does not come out of some box, bag, or can
( even if it is from a "health" food store, believe me... I know, I'm in those stores and I see what you're buying!)

I do consider myself a modern day woman looking for real life solutions and really, a girls gotta eat!! I love sharing my secrets of how I went from smoking, drinking,popping pills and basically starving myself without a nutrient in my body for years TO eating decadent, rich foods from all over the world that have cleansed me, rebuilt me, recharged me and re-energized me and still do everyday!

Now, my goal is to TELL and SHOW a whole bunch of people about it-- how I did it, why I did it, & what I really do eat!

We all got eat , right?

And we are all "trying" to eat healthy, right?

I hope you'll join me to learn some of my "quickies" at this exclusive event.

Its super easy once you get into it!

Recipes will be geared for the lady on the go, corporate professional, health nut or anyone who needs some "umph" added to their daily food regimen.

This is nutrition at its finest with high quality ingredients, loads of veggies packed into every dish & amazing superfoods to incorporate into your day.

Don't settle for boring health food especially if its from a can, bag, or box.

This is fresh, pure and real.

Some dishes are plant-based raw & some are cooked vegetarian/vegan.

To register, call 312-543-3735 or email me at

I will process your info over the phone with credit/debit card to reserve your space.

It is $55.00 in advance( 24 hours) or $65.00 after that.
(if doing cleanse, take advantage of the package price with cooking show included)

Spaces are limited and some spots are already sold.

I look forward to dishin' with you!


p.s. - click the image above to enlarge and see more details

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