Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lisa Persico's Top 5 Misconceptions & Truths to Detox F.R.E.E. Tele-class

Thursday FEB 18th 2010
8pm-9pm CST

Are you confused on everything that's out there is regards to detox, cleansing etc.?

Are you looking to implement a program that's safe and effective but does not require a whole bunch of weird stuff that's difficult, too time consuming and confusing( and frankly tastes like crap)?

Well , I am Lisa Persico, and I have been leading detoxes with groups and private clients for 4 1/2 years in Chicago and in different part of the country. (I also was the originator of the detox at Cousin' restaurant and began leading the workshops there when it first began.)

On this upcoming complimentary powerful call, I am going to share with you my top 5 success secrets when it comes to deciding on a detox, implementing your detox into your life and staying on the detox!

On Feb 18th At 8pm CST, I'll review the truths and misconceptions in regards to detox and how you can incorporate one that's the right fit for you.

On this call-learn:
-Why detox is the #1 way to jumpstart or restart a healthy living lifestyle

-the #1 secret to any detox and if you're not doing it, it will fore sure not be effective as it could and should

-how all programs, kits, products are not created equal and what to look for when choosing

-Learn my secret and personal definition of what I feel detox is and if you are not in this mindset, it may sabotage you

-Why putting it off and waiting for that "right time" will never come( when to know its time to detox)

-and more!

I find that many people are struggling with what to do so I am pulling back the curtain and giving you my all.

I hope you will join me for this very special one-time call.

*Conference Call-in*
Dial 605-475-6333
passcode 453471

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The SLOW movement...by Tonya Williams

This comes to you from Tonya Williams, an incredible weight loss coach & expert!

I love this article because in our fast passed world of go-go-go, she's slowing things down a bit. It's a great reminder for all of us to savor the journey, enjoy life & stay connected with what's going on! 

Leave a comment below and share what you're thinking! Would love to hear from you!

by Tonya Williams

Where you going?
Seriously, where are you going?
What’s the hurry?
This is what I asked myself this morning when I started to experience a little bit of anxiety around several projects that I have on the table.
For no reason at all, I started putting these rigid time limits on myself, which creates this crazy woman madness that usually results in a meltdown, ranging from small to massive.
In Western society, we seem to have two speeds, either all out speeds of lightening or halt.
The “halt” usually occurs when we just can’t go any further and either sickness or brain fog has taken over.
When clients come to me to lose weight, they most often want a fast, quick fix. They want to lose weight yesterday.
“What’s the hurry,” I ask them.
Sometimes I’ll hear things like a high school reunion or bathing suit season, but most often, they don’t know why they want it fast. They are just accustomed to wanting to lose weight fast.
Well, to all of you fast paced, gotta-have-it-yesterday people out there (and hey, I’m a part of that tribe too), let’s join the new movement of living slow.
There’s already people who have chosen to step outside of the mainstream fast society and start things like the slow food movement and live more intentionally and consciously versus running around like scattering rats chasing a piece of cheese that keeps moving.
In fact, while on a sailing trip, I saw a t-shirt that read, “Sail fast, live slow.”
Does it seem impossible to slow down?
Well, there are actually several good reasons why slowing down is a good thing.

1 - When you go slow, you get to savor the journey
Check out these two examples:
The Fast Paced Life
If you want to experience the devastation of the fast paced life, then simply drive through the McDonald’s drive thru window and order the Big Mac special. Now, eat it while also driving, listening to the radio and talking to the kids.
How long does it take? Maybe five minutes.
Did you really enjoy it? I mean really enjoy it?
How does your body feel? Energized? Or like a brick?
What about your emotions? Are you feeling excited and content? Or full of guilt and sadness?
Now, consider a different option:
The Slow Paced Life
Take the time to stop by the grocery store (or better yet, the local farmer’s market) and peruse the fresh, local vegetables. Pick it up and feel it, smell it, and maybe even taste it. Buy your groceries, go home, and with gratitude and excitement, start preparing your dinner.
Put some music on, light a candle and maybe even have a glass of wine.
Take some time out to help the kids with their homework while dinner is cooking. Maybe even do a load of laundry while Frank Sinatra (or Christine Kane) fills the background.
When dinner is ready, take the time to set the table, light some more candles and then sit down and enjoy every bite. No guilt. No deprivation. Just mindful, slow enjoyment of your meal.
So, which life would you prefer?
Check in with your brilliant body and notice which one your body prefers? Does one elicit a stressed, hurried panic feeling? Does another make you feel relaxed, content and joyful?
Living slow allows you to enjoy the process of living.

2 - When you go slow, you make less mistakes
As a nurse, there are times when you do not have the option to go slow. Things are happening, people are dying, and you must act...fast.
Not surprisingly, this is when a lot of medical errors are made.
Most often, when you are living at such a fast pace, your attention becomes scattered and careless mistakes are made.
When you eat fast, you overeat.
When you exercise fast, you injure yourself.
When you live fast, you sometimes lose your way.
Living slow allows you to be more attentive and intentional.
Ironically, living slow actually makes your more productive, allowing you to achieve far more than when you are going a million miles a minute.

3 - When you go slow, you stay connected
“I want to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks,” Lisa told me during our first session.
“Because, I have a big gala event in 2 weeks, and I want to look fabulous,” she replied.
Like Lisa, we’ve all been there, or at least I know I have - whether it be my weight, a man or money. I wanted it...like yesterday.
But here’s what I have discovered about wanting things to happen fast: it most often requires that you disconnect from yourself to achieve it.
The body does not enjoy the deprivation and intensity that is required to lose weight fast.
The mind does not enjoy the stress and worry that goes into wanting things to happen now.
What the deepest part of us wants is for us to slow down long enough to stay connected to our truth before we sprint out of the gate chasing some illusion.
I’ve noticed that when I slow down and live intentionally, while also honoring my body, mind and spirit, things seem to happen almost effortlessly. The weight comes off naturally, the money flows in and the man did appear.
I did not need to sacrifice my own well-being to make it happen. I simply had to slow down long enough to hear my own wisdom.
In a society where we come out of the womb going fast, with weekly play dates, Baby Mozart sing-a-longs and at least several other activities to fill the day, it is often difficult to imagine a life that isn’t on speed.
However, slowing down is a choice that we all can make.
It requires that we slow down long enough to consider what is most important to us, and then slow, steadily and intentionally, move in the direction of our purpose.
Surprisingly, most often you’ll discover that the “hurry” is self-inflicted and not necessary.
The journey is much more enjoyable when you slow down long enough to take it all in.

And then, like magic, everything you ever wanted begins to manifest.

So, what’s your hurry?


Tonya Leigh Williams is a coach, speaker, and writer. She is also the founder of Just B Living, a company dedicated to empowering women to create amazing lives and bodies without dieting, deprivation and drama. If you want to learn more about how to lose weight from the inside out, you can sign up for a FRE*E subscription to the Just B E-zine, you can click here: http://www.justbliving.com/signup.html

Monday, February 1, 2010

Detox Your World-Spring Jumpstart!

Great news!

As many of you know, I have been working for awhile on putting together a group cleanse/detox! Originally, it was going to be for the new year but it just did not feel right... something about the new year hype, false promises and failed resolutions had me not wanting to be a part of that marketing overload!

And then February came along, but with super-duper cold temps and snow, it did not seem like the best time to roll out and now...low and behold Spring is right around the corner!

Its so close I can almost taste it!

So here it is, finally!

A Spring Jumpstart, Kick-Off, Renewal!

Its time to DETOX your world!

Back by popular demand, I am bringing back the Ejuva(one of the deepest herbal systems used for cleansing, if you are unfamiliar see www.ejuva.com). You asked , you receive!

Since I've moved to hosting my "Lifestyle" classes, many of you have missed that twice a year or once a year deep cleansing that works miracles on the physical level but indeed does go beyond that and allows for restoring and balancing more of a spiritual, mental and emotional transformation as well!

If you are looking to jumpstart the spring season then join us for this 28 day transformational detox of your world!

This cleanse is for newbies and advanced. You can always go deeper with the ejuva being the nature of how it is developed! The ejuva is one of the easiest , most effective cleanses and can be done at various levels based on where your needs are. This is not meant to be intense, turn your life upside down and get you sick type of cleanse, it is a slow, gentle process that you can manage based on how you feel & what's happening with your body! Ejuva is also one of the highest end products on the market today, known as the "Cadillac of cleanses", it is the most pure, most potent and most powerful I've seen to date without being habit forming, gripping or full of inorganic materials.

Clean out the internal cob webs and dust yourself off for feeling really great plus:

-Reduced cravings, bloating , gas
-Improved digestion
-Weight management
-Increased energy
-Better mindset and mood
-Overall more positive outlook on life
& more!

I will walk you through every step of the way.

This is an exclusive opportunity as I will be working with you the whole month personally!
Spaces are limited as the groups are kept small.
Now is your chance to be supported & motivated to get through the 28 day transformation!

Here's the details-
We will be spinning it up going forward...

Instead of meeting each week LIVE , we will do most of the support calls via tele-class.
This allows for people to have a flexible schedule and can participate from their own home.
(CALLS WILL BE RECORDED, so if you cannot make the calls , no worries, you will be sent recorded audio that evening to listen to at your leisure)

The dates for the first DETOX your World begins March 1st(or optional Feb 27th if local)

1st session
Saturday-FEB 27th- 3pm CST LIVE kick-off( if you are local and prefer to meet for live for the 1st session)-event will be held at a private residence on the North side-address given at time of registration
Monday-March 1st- 8pm CST tele-class- VIRTUAL kick-off( if you are at the LIVE event, you can also be at this event if you have questions, more support, etc)

2nd session
Monday-March 8th-8pm CST tele-class

3rd session
Monday-march 15th-8pm CST tele-class

4th Session-
March 22nd-8pm CST tele-class

5th Session-Celebration
March 29th-8pm CST tele-class

Each event will be information, protocol, motivation and Q & A.

Here's the levels & packages for enrollment:
NOTE-This is the introductory price/package, join today as this program will be going up in the next series.

$299-JUST ejuva kit by itself( a $325 value)
this is meant to be done on your own with no instruction.

Basic Package-
$359- includes ejuva kit plus LIVE kick-off (if local) & all program tele-classes that include instruction, protocol, Q& A and support. ( a $425 value)
plus added value of unlimited email support with Lisa during month

Premier Package-
$399-includes ejuva kit plus LIVE kick-off (if local) & all program tele-classes that include instruction, protocol, Q& A and support AND one LIVE cooking/food prep work shop with recipes designed to support cleanse( a $480 value)
plus added value of unlimited email support with Lisa during month

NOTE-Cooking/ Food prep class individually $55 in advance for 3 hour workshop
(for more info see the flavor and savor cooking class on this blog)

NOTE-Tele-class series by itself-$99
(for those that already have ejuva kit or are buying on their own)

SPACE is limited and a few are already reserved!
To ensure a spot register no later than Sunday Feb. 21st.

Payment plans will be accepted for both basic package and premier package

for Basic Package, must reserve space by Monday Feb 15th with deposit of $200.
remaining $165 to be charged on credit card on Feb 26th($6.00 surcharge)

for Premier Package, must reserve space by Monday Feb 15th with deposit of $244.
remaining $165 to be charged on credit card on Feb 26th($10.00 surcharge)

To reserve space via credit/debit directly, call Lisa Persico @ 312-543-3735
or email at lisa@lisapersico.com I will accept payment info over phone and ring on secure system.

Please feel free to call me with any questions.

I look forward to "de-thawing" with you as we celebrate winter into Spring!


"Flavor & Savor the Season" Cooking Event-Feb 21st


Join me, Lisa Persico, in the kitchen at one of my fabulous clients' AMAZING kitchen for an afternoon of fun & food.

I will show you HOW to whip up tasty dishes, desserts, dips, dressings that will rock your world of goodness and wellness.

Good news... I am not a chef of any kind, so these are not some "fancy smancy" complex recipes etc... that you would never really do in your daily life.

What I am about is "real" life ideas, tricks and tips of what you really can DO at home that is not time consuming, does not make a super mess and does not come out of some box, bag, or can
( even if it is from a "health" food store, believe me... I know, I'm in those stores and I see what you're buying!)

I do consider myself a modern day woman looking for real life solutions and really, a girls gotta eat!! I love sharing my secrets of how I went from smoking, drinking,popping pills and basically starving myself without a nutrient in my body for years TO eating decadent, rich foods from all over the world that have cleansed me, rebuilt me, recharged me and re-energized me and still do everyday!

Now, my goal is to TELL and SHOW a whole bunch of people about it-- how I did it, why I did it, & what I really do eat!

We all got eat , right?

And we are all "trying" to eat healthy, right?

I hope you'll join me to learn some of my "quickies" at this exclusive event.

Its super easy once you get into it!

Recipes will be geared for the lady on the go, corporate professional, health nut or anyone who needs some "umph" added to their daily food regimen.

This is nutrition at its finest with high quality ingredients, loads of veggies packed into every dish & amazing superfoods to incorporate into your day.

Don't settle for boring health food especially if its from a can, bag, or box.

This is fresh, pure and real.

Some dishes are plant-based raw & some are cooked vegetarian/vegan.

To register, call 312-543-3735 or email me at lisa@lisapersico.com

I will process your info over the phone with credit/debit card to reserve your space.

It is $55.00 in advance( 24 hours) or $65.00 after that.
(if doing cleanse, take advantage of the package price with cooking show included)

Spaces are limited and some spots are already sold.

I look forward to dishin' with you!


p.s. - click the image above to enlarge and see more details