Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dreamy, Creamy Vitality-NEW smoothie recipe!

I've been blending away the last few weeks and I think I have nailed it!
the perfect recipe using Samis Superfoods Vitality mix.
I am just in LOVE with it right now.
I think you will too!

I've had a few clients over to taste test and the
response was:
"I'm so excited to have a new smoothie"
"How could someone not buy this when they taste this smoothie"(gotta love this girl!!)

Here's the deal-(sounds like its a lot to do below but its super easy once you get everything lined up)
NOTE:I'm given you the super specific instructions!

-2 cups Fresh Almond Mylk( yes, I know its a drag but it sooooooooo good for you)
NOTE-If you're not sure how to do it, it goes like this,
1 cup raw almonds ( soaked overnight ) in 3 cups water, blend on high, strain with nut bag or cheese cloth
Investing in a good nut bag will make it much easier , the one I use is from VIVAPURA, check it out here.
I make large batches of the fresh mylk at a time so I have a few days worth
If you'd like to "cheat", I mean, make it easier but not as nutritious on yourself use:
2 cups rice milk, hemp milk, almond milk, So Delicious coconut milk or any of the other store bought brands, remember these are pasteurized so they have very little nutritional value.

-2 cup water or fresh coconut water from the inside of a thai coconut
(again, not the store bought coconut water)

-1/2 cup chia seed gel
 (ok, here's how this baby works, take 1 cup chia place in 4 cups purified water, let soak in glass jar overnight, it will turn into a gel like substance, store this gel in fridge and use scoops of the end product daily in all types of smoothies, puddings, etc....) This process of soaking really makes a difference in how effective the chia works.  It makes it a hella' lot more bio-available, does not bloat the belly, and blends easier making drinks more "creamy"
NOTE- if you don't know, chias amazing for Omega 3, calcium, antioxidants, fiber and is like a natural colon cleanser... so perfect for daily cleaning, no need to go on a "detox" just "BE"cleansing your system daily by using chia=:)

-3 Heaping TB of vitality from Sami's Superfoods

-1/2 frozen banana(yes, take the peels off b/f freezing) or 1/3 bag of you fave frozen/fresh berries

-2 TB of UDOS 3-6-9 oil( by FLORA @ whole foods) or 2 TB coconut oil(my fave is Vivapura)
You also can use one of each as they work more effective together in terms of effectiveness of the Omegas
GOOD RAW FATS are the KEY to health, vitality, longevity & yes, weight loss!
They need to be super high quality, unrefined, & plant based-preferably in glass in a dark bottle.
More info on good fats coming soon but just as a little teaser....
I'm sure you are hearing how "good" fish oils are, right, well, get this 2 TB of UDOS is equivalent to 17 fish oil caps!
thats some super good dose of omegas gettin' in plus its pure!

-Heaping scoop of cinnamon- to taste
I like to load up as it is sooooo good for you!
Real cinnamon helps to regulate blood sugar levels and balance the natural sugars that are in your drink plus it is a super dose of naturally-occurring antioxidants
( be sure to buy ORGANIC cinnamon as commercial spices are laden with yucky stuff!)

Place all in a blender and whip till creamy and dreamy!

Couple options-
-if you desire it a tad more sweet place a couple drops of vanilla creme stevia
-if you feel it needs a little bit more of a "punch" add a pinch of a platinum salt like sun fire salt
-if you'd like it more creamy, add a few TB of tocotrienols( raw vitamin E powder)
-if you need it more nutrient dense, feel free to add in green powder, spirilina, hemp seeds, a handful of gojis any other singe superfoods to create your own designer smoothie!

The above is just a foundation and you can add, edit, delete, play around with the create one that's perfect for you!

Let me know when you've tried it or created your own rendition. Leave a comment below. Would love to hear what you are doing at home!

P.S.If you need Sami's or you need more of it, its on SALE through Aug 31st. 10% off the retail of $45.
You can call or email me( to place an order.

P.P.S.I will be at the Andersonville Galleria doing a tasting with this recipe above if you'd like to come check it out.  Clark/ Foster August 6th 5pm-8pm

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  1. Yum Lisa, I will definitely give this a try.
    Thanks for sharing your gifts with the masses.