Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Girl on the GO Kitchen Workshop-Make-Over Your Food, Make-Over Your Life!

Are you a girl on the go-go-go...
-tired and confused on what to eat;
-not wanting to invest a whole lot of time preparing;
-trying to "eat healthy" whenever possible;
-hoping maybe to get some veggies in here or there?

Whether you are a woman entrepreneur, corporate professional, busy woman/ mom or girl about town...
most of us our challenged daily by our food choices.

The craziness must stop!
For your lifestyle, you need to kick it into high gear with foods that match your needs!
Don't run on empty any longer.

Get going with a FOOD Make-Over!
Join me personally, as I lead you through transforming your food regimen from
drab, boring & nutrient void 
fun, bursting with flavor, and chock full of vitality!

All the goodness that has you looking hot, feeling sexier, getting more done & going & going with a lot more energy!

My new GIRL on the GO food immersion workshops in the kitchen were designed for just this!
It's time to merge food & fabulousness for busy woman!

Looking good is easy, FEELING fabulous is another.
Woman come to me daily in search of feeling better, looking better & living better.

It starts with what you fuel your body with daily!
Food=Mood & Beauty=Health

The more you practice and implement these equations daily,
the better you can feel!

Let me show you how!

4pm -7:30pm
North side- private home-address given at time of registration

( Quick link & skip the rest if you know you'd like to come.. click here)

Spend an afternoon with me and immerse yourself in the basic concepts, where to start & watch a few solid recipes made in front of your eyes so you can do it at home!

-Quick, simple ideas that taste great that incorporate loads of veggies, healthy fats, proteins, etc.including salads, smoothies, soups and side dishes

-Certain foods that are highly concentrated in specific nutrients including  KEY MINERALS that activate your body's functions to speed up metabolism, jumpstart weight loss, turn on the anti-aging genes & more

-Food choices that enhance your inner beauty that reflect outward including foods and minerals that enhance collagen production, create more flexibility and elasticity in your skin, tissues and organs & help manage hormones

-The distinction between quality and nutritional value when choosing food /supplement sources & getting the biggest bang for your buck

-How to become a "jedi master" when it comes to choosing foods in the grocery store & what to say "HELL yes to or HELL no"!

and much more!

If you've done one of my classes/workshops/series before you know they are highly informative, entertaining, interactive & FUN!

My style is light & engaging but my message is powerful so come ready to immerse yourself!

You never know what's going to come out of my mouth as I'm known to be uncensored/unfiltered at times which makes it all the more fun!!

Join Me!
Summer Special
I am offering 1 workshop at a discounted summer special price.
In the fall, I have two dates already set and confirmed but the class will go up to $79 a head.
 The summer workshop special is $65 a person
12 spots available for a limited time.
Register now as space is limited and these workshops sell out.
Call me at 312-543-3735 or email me at lisa@lisapersico.com to reserve your spot or click here for easy, secure registration online

P.S. Please if you know someone that would be a good fit and would enjoy my style of teaching and information, pass it on!
There are soooo many busy ladeez in search of this type of workshop!

Here's the DISCLAIMER--
(I know they are some weird ones below, but I just gotta say it or we'll get some weird ones in the bunch & will throw off everybody's experience!)

This workshop is perfect for you if:
-You are open to new things, ideas, flavors etc.
-If you love the kitchen and fabulous foods that are both tasty and nutritious( or open to learning)
-if you are sick of the No-NO-NO  approach to diet, health and detox  & you are looking for a healthy, natural and sustainable way of engaging in foods
-if you really want to know what's going on out there in health foods stores, ie.. what to buy, how to choose, what you are being sold( and some of it being sold as "healthy")
-if you really want to enjoy your food program & integrate a lifestyle as opposed to some "quick fix"!
-if you want to immerse yourself as opposed to dabbling your toes in some system, pill etc.. that you are not really committed to

Please don't register if:
-You are closed to new ideas
-If you are very stuck on ways foods have to be &have to taste
-If you do not enjoy a whole plethora of different tastes and textures
-If you are a whiner, complainer, debbie downer, or energy sucker or attention getter
If you are very regimented with the way you eat now and "already" have an idea of what you think is good for you
if you are overly obsessed with calories, fat grams etc... ( a little obsessing is ok, but if its how you rule your world, probably not going to be into my class/philosophies)
-if you are easily offended by some f-bombs dropped once in a while or the use of words like friggin, sh*t,crap etc... 

Do know that I LOVE working with people, connecting and sharing foods & ideas. I've got a unique style & approach, usually say things wildly over the top yet usually true etc...all in which makes it way more fun!

I like the atmosphere to be fun, light, and allow for people to be fully immersed, engaged & get a lot of the experience.

So some people are just not the right fit & thats ok!
The ones who do show up, love it and usually, and in most cases, if you're working with me for awhile, your life transforms on some level and usually many levels.

Are you ready to truly feel fabulous?
Call me or email me now!
(Or save time, quick, secure registration here)

* Workshops for the fall will be announced in mid-August!

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